Fight against corruption


This morning, there was an email in my inbox to sign an online petition to support Anna Hazare. My colleague boastfully said “yeh to maine kal hi sign kar diya yaar.. Par yeh Anna Hazare hai kaun?”

It is good to see everyone talking about fighting corruption in India from the last four days. What is surprising is, why were all these voices not raised all these days? Should somebody start a fast unto death for people of the nation to support the fight against corruption? It’s sad that there are people supporting Anna by signing petitions, but they do not even care to read what they signed.

There are various ways in which Indians are apparently “supporting” Anna Hazare. Some have badges on their Facebook profile(which said “Bleed Blue” last week and will change to their favorite IPL team logos soon ). There are petitions being signed, and videos being posted on social networking sites. Great, but how many of these supporters actually fight corruption? I know some will, but most of them will continue to encourage petty to big time bribes in their daily life.

I’m not against using social networking as a media to pass the message, but I think the fight against corruption should be implemented by everyone in their day to day lives. Do not jump signals, and do not pay a hundred bucks to the cop when you get caught jumping a signal, or driving without a helmet. Do not buy movie tickets in black. Do not submit fake travel expenses. All these may sound very petty, but these are the basis of our country’s wide network of corruption and bribery. Stop paying bribes and stop accepting bribes.

Remember, Bribe is not a way of life. Every bribe you refuse to pay proves that not everybody does it. Every bribe you refuse to accept plugs a leak in the system.

And for once, think who is supporting whom, and you’ll realize that it is Anna Hazare, who is supporting the people in raising their voices.